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Clash of Clans Beginner guide

There is no question that Clash of Clans is currently most popular online strategy game. You’re thinking to join this game revolution; I will give you brief look to the game.   Clash Of Clans in a nutshell In few sentence Clash of Clans is real-time strategy game where you need to protect your village […]

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Clash of Clans Guide Introductions

Clash of Clans Guide Introduction There is a game called Clash of Clans. Super Cell makes it one of the most popular mobile games in years. As you assume by its name, the main goal of the game is to build as strong army as you can to protect you against enemy forces. Besides that […]

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Hay Day Buildings and How To Expand Your Farm

There are a variety of buildings in Hay Day. Every on of them has a different building time, if the building is an advanced one, it’s going to take much longer to finish, buildings are wrapped like a gift when the construction is complete. If you want to read basic guide on Hay Day, click […]

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Most Basic Things About Hay Day Game

Hello! As i see you are interested to play Hay Day, here is a basic step-by-step tutorial to get your feet wet. Hay Day became very popular online strategy game in very short time. It is, without a question, most popular game right now. This game is updated regularly, which makes this very good game […]

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castle clash hack tool

Game Introduction To Castle Clash

It’s a freemium strategy game developed by IGG.COM and it’s called Castle Clash. In the game, you are going to build up and defend your base, do resource gathering, train armies, and destroy enemies. Our guide will help you be a good player by providing you with the best tips, information, and hints. Getting Started […]

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Castle Clash TOP 10 Tips and Tricks

Castle Clash is one of the most popular strategical games and it can be downloaded to iOS and Android. Your mission is to train armies and heroes, fight in many battles, go through different and difficult dungeons, and fight enemy teams with your band of heroes in the arena. At the same time you will […]

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