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Castle Clash TOP 10 Tips and Tricks

Castle Clash is one of the most popular strategical games and it can be downloaded to iOS and Android. Your mission is to train armies and heroes, fight in many battles, go through different and difficult dungeons, and fight enemy teams with your band of heroes in the arena. At the same time you will get many treasures, either from the common (gold and mana) or the uncommon (HB, or honor badges) or the most rarest of them all ( Diamonds and Hero Shards). Because the game is in-depth, it was difficult to pick those ten tips, but we came through and made it happen. You can download Castle Clash right here.

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1) Construct your buildings close to each other as much as possible.

By doing this you don’t have to build too much walls, but your buildings are completely safe. It also lets you build walls further from buildings and that means it will be harder for ranged troops to attack your buildings.

2) Build you arena as fast as you can, so you will start earning HB, and get your rank higher to get more HB.

You are going to start earning honor badges every hour as soon as you have built your arena. At first it’s going to earn you 50 badges at a time, but it will get higher when your battle rank increases. Good gamers are able to get thousands badges per hour. With your HB you are able to get heroes to your Heroes Altar.heroes altar

3) Get your Town Hall’s level up very fast, so that you are able to build a bigger army.

Higher the level of your Town Hall, you are able to build more camps (army camps and hero camps), which will get you a powerful army. Every time you battle, try to go with kargest army as possible, cause in this way you will save more troops.

4) Your four main troop types need to be used strategically, so that you can win with litte effort.

There are four main types of troops: short-range troops that take very little space in housing, long-range troops that takes a litte bit more space in housing, magic user troops who veski devastating damage but they have low health, and tanks, who have a large amount of health and they attack defensive buildings. You need to attack with tanks first in order to distract watchtowers. After that attack with your short- or long-range troops. Last, make use of your magic users to provide cover from long-distance. 

5) Attack the Town hall to ensure your win in battle.

Try to attack the Town Hall, because when you destroy it, the battle will be over and you will be victorious. But if you are not able to destroy the Town Hall, you need to make at least 50% damage in order to win. If you are in need of a quick win and don’t want waste too much troops, then after destroying the Town Hall, end the battle so you can move to the next battle.

6) Keep your heroes organized effectively so they can keep defense positions in the arena.

Be sure that you have five heroes at least, cause it’s the maximum you can use as attacker or use them as defenders in the arena. Distribute them evenly in your arena, and if you got more than one hero that is rare, than put them in the arena. When you have a hero that is level 20, go make upgrades in the heroes altar to get more level ups. If you got strong heroes it’s easier fight enemies, and also gets your rank higher when you’re not online.

7) When attacking enemy bases, leave the ones that seems like an easy win.

An easy raid looks like this: enemy has now walls in their base, have fewer army camps than your base, and also fewer hero camps. Move lightly or take magic into those who seem to have the same strength level as you, or when enemy base looks too strong, skip it by paying a little amount of gold.

8) Keep the Gold and Mana pouring from your base.

Keep your gold mines, mana mills, and your vaults maxed and upgrade them to maximum, even when you are strong attacker, or a strong defender. It’s always good to have a full load of resources, when you wake up in the morning and turn on the app. This will help you regain strength, when you find that your army has been slaughtered overnight by your enemies.

9) To get more hero shards, you need to get three stars in the dungeons ( especially the skull dungeons).

castle clash hero shradsHero Shards are very rare, even more rare than diamonds, but hero shards can be earned from skull dungeons, but also they are very tough. Go with your biggest army and take all your heroes to skull dungeons, and make 100 percent damage to get the three stars and best rewards.

10) Do the tasks in the ’’Earn Gems’’ screen to get free gems and treasures.

It’s located under the tab which seems like a Christmas present in appearance. There you are going to find many different quests which will get you free gems, and also a link to active events that are happening, and even in-game purchase bonuses, but hey are more rare to happen. You also can hack your gems by using our hack tool.

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