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Clash of Clans Beginner guide

CoC_logo_2013There is no question that Clash of Clans is currently most popular online strategy game.

You’re thinking to join this game revolution; I will give you brief look to the game.


Clash Of Clans in a nutshell

In few sentence Clash of Clans is real-time strategy game where you need to protect your village from other players, collect gold and elixir while attacking other player’s villages, you can do that with the help of troops. As this game is multiplayer game, then I suggest you to co working with other players, you can’t get far if you play your own.


There are two things to measure you game success; you get trophies when you attack other players and get their resources or defending you village resources. If 50% of your opponent village is destroyed then it’s consider as victory and you get trophy. You can get one more trophy by destroying your enemy Town Hall. Three trophies are available for you if you manage to destroy the entire village. What happened when you are failing to destroy 50% of the opponent’s village; then you will lose your trophies.


Attack is controlled by you in real time, but for defense there is another story, you just cannot control you defense when someone attacking you. You need to set up everything like this, that you’re village is protected when you are offline. For defense purposes you can use cannons, traps and walls to keep enemy certain areas, away from you main part of the village. When you fail to protect your village from the attacker and 50% of the village is destroyed then you lose.


As you know for now Clash of Clans is multiplayer game, and if you want to be successful you need to be in clan, that’s major part of the game. You can get most of the resources when combining your trophies with other players. There are three ranks in Clash of Clans: Leader, Elder and Member. To accept or decline a request to join the clans you need to be Leader or Elder. If you want to demote yourself to Elder, you need to be Leader.


Every clan has requirement how much trophies you should have to join them. After you have required trophies; you have option to send request to join clan. Firstly you need to repair your Clan Castle – this will be used to house other clan members and also you own. Clan Castle have crucial place of defense system. Clan Castle will be covered more in the future.

Experiences, Levels, Trophies

To level up in the Clash of Clans you need experience points. It’s easier to get other players to join your clan if you have higher level. Level are not for ranking players. It is showing other people how much someone is playing Clash of Clans. You can get experience points by performing:

  • Upgrading
  • Complete buildings
  • Remove tree and rocks
  • Fighting with enemy
  • Destroy enemies Town Hall’s
  • Donating troops


Trophies are used to measure how good player is, this is useful when you are playing in multiplayer mode and to match up your opponents. There are two options to get trophies: you need to win attacks and defend yourself by the attacking enemy. There is 50% rule for attack and defend; you need to destroy at least 50% of the enemy village or defend your village at least up to 50%.

Army Camp & Unit

To house and train your troops you need to have Army Camp, as the name says. If you have a lot of army camps then you are stronger and can send more troops to battles and use them for defense. Upgrade Town Hall is important thing to do when increasing troop’s capacity. To have more and more troops you need to upgrade your Town Hall every time it’s available for upgrading. For two Army Camp’s you need at least level three Town Hall.

Units are used to define your troop types you can have. All the units have their good and bad things. Units are defined by:

  • Type: air or ground unit
  • Favorite target
  • Damage per second
  • How much house space they need
  • Training and housing cost

I suggest you to learn these features carefully when making decisions how much and which unit to build; your unit choosing skills comes useful when attacking other player’s, you cannot get your units back after losing them.

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