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Clash of Clans Guide Introductions

Clash of Clans Guide Introduction

There is a game called Clash of Clans. Super Cell makes it one of the most popular mobile games in years. As you assume by its name, the main goal of the game is to build as strong army as you can to protect you against enemy forces. Besides that you can build your own large man force to raid and destroy other player’s bases and steal their resources.

Building your base correctly is vital in this game

As you play this game you realize you need to build your base thoughtfully, to archive max level of protection from enemy raiders. Definitely build massive protection around these houses: Town Hall, Gold Storage and Elixir Storage. If your enemy can get a hold of your Town Hall etc. you lose your resources and cannot expand your empire. Read on to discover very good starting examples if you are new to this game and get the basic idea on how to protect your base.

Above is very basic and cheap idea on how to protect your base in the beginning.  It could not work for you so you need to test out different formation for your base.

As your enemy sees you have weak base he gets eager to attack you and steal your resources. You need to look at details of your base, so place your cheaper buildings front of important ones (Cannon Tower etc.), so they can shoot many more times before enemy destroys them.

Later Levels as Players Improve Their Skills

With time all players gets stronger and bases also improves in defending capability. It gets much harder to raid bases.


Later in game farming becomes very important and there are few tips. You can put your Down Hall long away from your base, so it’s like bait for your enemy’s. If your Down Hall is destroyed you cannot be attacked again in 12 hours. So it’s good way to not get attacked when you sleep (you should definitely sleep). Also its good way to estimate the power of your enemy clan. Maybe you can counter attack him later in game ass you know he’s capabilities.

Tips mentioned above have some negative points. You lose your Trophy points if your Down Hall gets destroyed. If you do not want lose your Trophy’s do not use this strategy in game.

Otherwise you do not get attacked by strong enemy’s so your resources can build up. Also you fight with lower level clans, so you can steal lots of money and other gaming resources. Bases that you attack at low Trophy points are weaker.

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Raiding Setup

Players have their own taste on how to build units. Good raiding setup is below and its my own favorite composition on units.

  • 20% Barbarians
  • 60% Goblins
  • 20% Wall Breakers

With this combination of units you can leave the main work for Goblins as they make double damage on buildings and Wall Breakers can get through wall easily. Barbarians should attack Towers first and then use your Wall Breakers on walls. You should deploy your Goblins last as they are weaker and low on health.


Clash of Clans Tower types

Mortars are that kind of tower type you should get your Goblins away from. Only few shots on your Goblins kills them. Figure out which Tower Types you enemy uses. Send stronger units inside your enemy’s base first to take aggro so Goblins can sneak in and steal resources.

One more tip: you should put your Mortars in same cell and close to each other. In that way you greatly increases your firepower because Mortars shooting range overlaps.

In summary:

I really hope those tips and tricks gets you the basic idea how to build your base most effectively.

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