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Clash of Clans Hack Download and Basic Instructions To Game

First thing to do!

  1. Once you have downloaded game into your computer, start it and you will prompted up with starting village.
  2. You will go thru in-game built in tutorial. It is first thing you need to do. Follow it carefully! Very good tips in it!


Check the picture below. Here are your awesome resources. Those are main elements of the game. Resources indicate how strong you are with your clan.

  • I think this picture is pretty straight forward. You can see your Gold resource upper right corner (Yellow bar). Gold is your most valuable resource. Using it you can upgrade your buildings, set up defenses and construct various buildings to expand your empire!
  • Below Gold is your Elixir meter. With it you can also upgrade your houses and construct them. In addition you can build your clan with Elixir! Elixir color is purple.
  • Gems are Green. Gems Green meter is below Elixir and it shows how many Gems you can spend. Many players spend real cash on Gems and it shows how valuable Gems are! Collect them as many as you can! Gems can speed up your construction time immensely. You can trade Gems with other players with Gold and Elixir. Its important to conserve as many gems as you can, unless you have rich parents. Without Gems you need to wait a lot of time, before you can do anything or move anywhere.


You can see The Builder meter middle of the screen. This meter is pretty important as it shows how many buildings you can build without spending a dime. It also shows how many builders you have. Builders cant multitask and build only one building at the time. You can possess builders using Gems.

In multiplayers game there is many dangers, because other players want to raid your base! Be careful and check your Shield meter. It shows you how much time you have before your village becomes tantalizing to enemy players to attack!

I certainly spot the Level indicator by yourself. It shows how strong you are in game at the moment. As you fight and build your city it raises. In multiplayer you only fight players at your level, so do not worry.

Then there is Trophy Counter. It shows how many Trophies you have collected from your multiplayer enemies.

As you see on the screenshot, you can open up your achievement menu. There are all achievements you can earn. Set earing achievements your main goal, because you receive gems by earning them!

City Management:

Building Structures – As mentioned before, builders can help you to expand your village. Expanding your clan’s home is most important feature of the Clash of Clans! Check out screenshot below – tap shop menu and start building!

Resource Collectors – Collecting your awesome resources is second thing you need always participate in game. Gold Mines give you gold, Elixir level raised when you build Elixir Collectors. Always remember to tap them periodically!

Resource Storage – Those building help you to store resources as name indicates. You need to have enough space to store gold and elixir. By storing your resources you can build pricier structures later in game.

Army Structures – In game you will find Barracks. As you know, Barracks are for war units. All your units live in Barracks. The laboratory enables you to do your war research.

Defensive Structures – As you already know, this game can be brutal, as enemy players want to crush your little village. So you need to build walls, cannons archery towers etc. Make you defense strong and you can flourish in this game. Like in any tower defense game (Red Alert 2, Age of Empire) you need to build your cannons and towers strategically. Put them in line and row. Watch the picture below!

Obstacles – This game puts many obstacles in your way sometimes. Luckily you can easily remove them on your way by tapping on them. Trees, rocks and ruins makes up the map of the game. You need to spend little bit of Elixir to clear them out.

Upgrading – It is very easy to do! Just tap on the any building to see available upgrade options.


Attacking – Tap the icon on the left, bottom of the screen. After that you will see something like this:


Single Player Combat – Picture.  The map on the left is Single Player Combat map. Nodes on the map are Goblins villages you can raid. As you raid Goblins you receive Gold and Elixir. In the barrack you can build your army troops. In Single Player you do not risk your Shield level as it stays same all the time.  Picture below shows you how it appears when you go raid your enemy.

On the bottom of screen you can see slots. These slots are for troops you can deploy. Tap on the unit icon and then tap location you want your selected troop to appear. After you put your units on the map, they do attacking automatically.

Multiplayer – You can only raid enemies equal to your current level. Attacking enemy villages gives you resources as in Single Player mode. Just be cautious – while you attack others your village becomes available to attack from other multiplayers.

Experiment – Don’t be afraid to rearrange your village.  After you build a building, you can move it around the map without penalty.

Simple tips:

Be a smart builder - Always build your houses close to each other, so your defence towers and cannos can attack more enemies at once.

Defend yourself – Place an additional army close to your village. Purpose of this is, you can use this army any time anyone wants to attack you.

Time gives you lessons – Test different structures of village setup. You can always move your building inside your village without getting a penalty.

Good luck!

Now you know all the basic things to get you started in Clash of Clans. Only patience and time will make you a good warrior. Do not be scared to try different settings and setups. Be sure to check out our other tutorials and articles. We also have developed an awesome hack for game!

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