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Clash Of Clans Takes You To The Fantasy World

This game will take you to a fantasy world. You have opened the uplifting fantasy world. You are leader of your own village – you must protect your village from Goblin hordes and also attack with help of your village these Goblins.

First thing you see in the game is shop in the bottom right corner of the game screen, this is the place where all the things are. There you can see Cannons – use them to protect your village from vicious Goblin attacks. In the first place there is only one thing to buy – Cannon. Click on it and drag Cannon to the game field. Now your village is protected.



Clash of clans have very good step by step tutorial, so you can learn to use all features

NB: Clash of Clans game automatically recommend you to use Gems to speed up all the processes…don’t do it. Gems are very valuable and you need them in the future to speed up things that really matters to protect your village.

NB: Don’t worry about your cannon placement on the game field; you can change your cannon positions as many times you want later.

Goblins attack you right after your first Cannon is on the field, watch and learn how everything works. After that you are introduced to unit healing. Now you have your first experience in the combat! Scary, right?

Now it’s your turn to attack the enemy! ROAR! To attack enemy to the field just click repeatedly on the field where you want to your units appear. It is so easy! There is no way to fail the test, you win always in the tutorial, so don’t worry if something seems to not okay. From that Goblin attack win you get 500 Gold and 500 Elixir to your account.

To save building time, the step by step tutorial suggest you to “build” one more builder. You see “builders hut”, but this with 250 Gems. I know we suggest to save your gems in the future references, but this is “must need” buy, so don’t worry.

Now we move on to see how elixir works and how to get more of that precious elixir. First thing you need to do is build one “Elixir Collector”. Elixir Collector is priced at 150 Gold, but right after that you are going to get steady supply of Elixir. Do not use Gems for speed up this process. Because you are getting a lot of elixir build the “elixir Storage” to save up your elixir. Your will probably level up after that.

Now let’s build a gold storage for that shiny stuff! What we need to attack goblins? Barracks! So let’s build one. With Barrack you can protect your village from these nasty Goblin attacks. Choose barracks and place it on somewhere in the landscape. Next thing you can do with this new barracks is to train your troops. Firstly you can train classic Barbarian – but don’t worry, they are very good soldiers to protect you from the Goblins. Tap and hold barbarian icon. Hold it until you have 20 units in the list. Again you can use gems, but it’s better to wait these 2 minutes. As we teach earlier you need these gems in the future.

Barbarians came out of the barrack one by one and take place on the landscape next to the campfire. You are able to attack after all these 20 barbarians are ready, just click icon on the bottom left corner. Choose “Goblin Forest” and move your units to the goblin forest as you did before.

Now it’s time for last step of this tutorial. You can choose your name after battle is finished. Take some time to choose your name, because this is the thing what it going to be with you as long as you are playing Clash of Clans. Upgrade your Town Hall as instructions recommend you to do. After that the entire screen opens you to use this. You can see all the indicator and meters there.  Have fun! Now you are master of your village. Make your village to be proud of you!

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