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Game Introduction To Castle Clash

It’s a freemium strategy game developed by IGG.COM and it’s called Castle Clash. In the game, you are going to build up and defend your base, do resource gathering, train armies, and destroy enemies. Our guide will help you be a good player by providing you with the best tips, information, and hints.

Getting Started

  • You need to have internet all the time to play the game. It’s because of the ability to destroy and be destroyed by enemies at moment’s notice.
  • You are going to be welcomed with the Newbie Guide, after the game has been loaded. It’s a short guide which gives you the key elements of the game.

Building Your Base

  • The game has many different buildings which can be constructed. Buildings, defense units and decorations can be bought in the ’’Shop’’ menu, which is located in the bottom right corner.
  • Town Hall is the most important building in Castle Clash. When you upgrade it and the level grows, you can upgrade other buildings, get new technologies, and get better defenses. When you destroy enemies Town Hall in the battle, you will get an instant victory, so be sure to build your Town Hall in the most protected area of your base, usually in the center.
  • Castle Clash has two different resources in the game: Gold and Mana. You will earn those from battles that are successful, but passively are earned from Gold Mines and Mana Mills. The more you upgrade these buildings, the more resources you are going to get. Be sure to upgrade Mana and Gold Vaults to have more resources. It’s all about capacity of those buildings.
  • As in Clash of Clans there’s Defense buildings. You have four of them and you need to get them up as soon as possible. The Watchtower is most basic Defense building and it can attack enemies close to it. There’s also Walls in this game – you can slow enemies down by building wall around your base. I love Bomb Traps – they will go Boom as soon as enemy player gets too close to traps.
  • Relic Hall is the place where all the magic happens. As you upgrade it you can enhance your battle strength by adding both – offensive and support spells at the same time.
  • You can add Devine Shields around your base to protect it several good hours from any attack.

Building Your Army

castle clask heros

  • The “Attack” option contains of five different buildings: Hero Base, Arena, Relic Hall, Heroes Altar and Army Camp. Those structures offer you attack power.
  • Army camp is most basic Army structure. It is also very essential defense building. Each Army Camp has certain capacity and each army unit takes space from Army Camp. So be sure to upgrade them as needed. Army Camp is Barrack and guard post at the same time.
  • As name suggests, Heroes Altar is the place where your Heroes are made. They are much stronger than regular units and cost a lot more too. You can acquire Heroes in three different approaches: you can use Honor Badges (you get them from winning Battles) using your precious Gems on buying Heroes or you can shed your Shards you get from Dungeons. Each and every Hero possesses his unique characteristics and stats.
  • Hero Base is for defense. You can put your Hero in it to defend your base as many enemy players bring their own Heroes to attack you. Hero vs Hero is always better.
  • The Arena creates a MOBA-like mini game where heroes will charge different paths in order to get to and destroy the enemy base. The winning side earns Honor Badges for summoning new heroes.
  • The Arena (like MOBA – multi player battle arena) is the place where you can choose Hero to take different approaches to destroy your enemy Base and you can earn Honor Badges if you win.
  • One building that cannot be upgraded is Training Center. You can upgrade soldiers and get brand new troops to build from this building.


castle clash hack tool

  • In Castle Clash you can engage yourself in Multi- and Single Player mode. Playing single you go through different levels of Dungeons and get prizes for completing them. Dungeons are premade Bases that you need to destroy to earn badges. In multiplayer you going to battle with other Castle Clash players randomly.
  • Just before attack you get few minutes to look at your enemy base. In multilayer you can do it only by shredding your out Gold. It gives you good advantage when you know what you are up to when attacking enemy base. When you are ready inspecting your enemies base select troops you want to engage in battle. You can also put your Hero to battlefield. When he dies he summon again in Hero Altar at your base.
  • Battle is almost automatic. What matters in battle (you win or lose) is how you use your stored magic. You can select exact time and place where you want your spells charge on enemy player. Use your magic wisely and you win!
  • Victory is determined when enough of the base is destroyed. Alternatively, you can end the battle at any time if you wish to save certain troops.
  • Battle extends to the points where certain percent of the enemy’s base is destroyed. If your troops die out you lose. If you destroy enemy base you win. Btw you can end Battle any time you wish to save some troops.

Tips and Tricks

castle clash tutorial

  • If you play singles, be aware that dungeons get very hard and it happens very fast. Don’t hesitate to lay different dungeons again and again. It’s the only way to learn the game in deep.
  • As you start your game you get plenty of free Gems to level up fast. Use gems wisely and you get good advantage from other players. It’s better to upgrade your base than building troops.
  • Before engaging in Battle be sure to do good before work on your enemies base. Look at how he is base is build up and from which direction it’s most beneficial to attack. Sometimes its matter of how your base is set up to determine the winner.
  • Never hesitate to upgrade your resource buildings!
  • You can make so much difference in battle (Defense) when you place you Bomb Traps wisely: put them where your enemy most likely want to attack your base.

If you want to to know more trick and tips about Castle Clash, we have gathered TOP 10 Trick and Tips for you.

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