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Hay Day Buildings and How To Expand Your Farm

There are a variety of buildings in Hay Day. Every on of them has a different building time, if the building is an advanced one, it’s going to take much longer to finish, buildings are wrapped like a gift when the construction is complete. If you want to read basic guide on Hay Day, click here!

Animal Shelters

Your farm animals can be held in the animal shelters, These buildings also can make a variety of materials and goods. Only animals can be held there.

Production Buildings

Hay Day Production Buildings

Hay Day Production Buildings

All of your raw materials, for example wheat, can be processed with the production buildings, the wheat can be turned to bread for example and in the shopping menu they are in the third tab. In the shop, all of the buildings also have a separate menu where you can see what the each building can produce.

You can sell your finished products to visitors.

Storage Buildings

Your finished products can be stored in the storage buildings. Storage buildings come in a different variety, every one of them stores different things, like crops,End products, etc.

How to check your orders?

Your order availability can be seen on the order board. When you deliver your orders, you will get money and experience. To make your delivery, you have to click on the truck or on the order board. To know if the order is done, the details on orders right side needs to be ticked.

Once the truck has come back, you can get the reward, if you click on the truck. The orders come from variety of places, for example,  the kindergarten or from the Susan’s Store.

Hay Day Buddies

From the Friend Bar you can add your friends as your neighbors and it’s in the right side of the screen, at the bottom.  You have to be logged on to Facebook to add friends. Friends are good for your game process, cause you need to buy stuff from their Roadside Shops, such as seeds.

Hay Day Video Tutorial here.

Sales Venues

Hay Day Farm BuildingsThe first Sales Venue is the the Roadside Shop, where you can use your coins to get seeds and goods/materials.

Further in the game you will open the boat, newspaper and the wheel of fortune. You are going to get Vouchers eventually from boats and special delivery trucks, they can be used to trade special items in the game. Your Roadside Shop can be used to sell goods to different players.

To see what your neighbors are selling, you need to look to the newspaper (the mailbox in the entrance of your farm).

Enlarge Your Farm

When you start playing the game, it’s vital to cut down trees, to get more for room for different buildings. Diamonds are used to buy saws, that cut down the trees and for every tree, you will need a new saw. When your level gets up, you will get new expansion slots, so you can open the Mine for example.


A good way to get Diamonds is to complete achievements. There are 78 achievements, 3 levels on each one. When one of the levels is completed, you will get a ribbon and one to three diamonds. In the Game Center you can challenge your friends to earn achievements  or beat friends scores.

I have a good news for you guys: now you can hack you Hay Day game to speed up levelling: Hay Day Hack Tool

Awesome video of Hay Day new Buildings.

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