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Hay Day – Tips On How To Levelling Faster

First I need to admit I am almost Hay Day addict, in the view of regular human being.  At the same time I’m certain I can help you with this guide. Many tactics on this guide makes you leveling much faster and more fun. At the moment I am sitting on the level 65 and I haven’t played much lately.

I spend much of my spare time on writing guides to this blog. Also I try to do some hacking. You can download my first version of the hack on the front page of this website. I just want to help you guys out on reaching higher level in Hay Day much faster. Read on because this awesome guide going to help you a lot!

Save up your precious resources for later use.

Hay Day Resources

Hay Day Resources

For the side looker I may seem like I use real money on buy lots of Diamonds. In reality I just save them up whenever I can.

My farm looks fabulous and strong. I need to admit that some time ago, Hay Day was little buggy.

So there was a bug that lets you open Mystery Box many times in a row. Many players taken advantage of this bug some year or so back. In a few months I have saved many rear items.

After I level up, I wait few days and don’t spare out any rare item. If you do so you will end up being a winner later in game. You have collected so many rare things into your arsenal so that you can take them any time you need them for your strategy.

Select your orders carefully. Read on and I give you example on how to act when selecting orders:

  1. YES. Because you have so many coins early in the game! Don’t worry about spending them. You only need two Blackberry Juice.
  2. No. Hell no! There are virtually no rewards in this order. Waste of rare items.
  3. No. Why? You need to save up huge quantities of butter. Lots of your productions units depend on butter so save it! You also are able to producing much valuable and much needed dairy products using butter.
  4. Yes. Crops are great! Lower level the better and those that will produce in less than 2-3 hours. Plant and harvest by yourself (you will gain xp and maybe some loot from order)
  5. No. It seems like a good offer, but my rare item level is low – so NO! Save your cheese and strawberry ice cream.
  6. YES. This is my favorite one. Hamburgers are tasty and easy to get. For the sake of XP I will do this order.

Be very selective when selecting your orders. Just for the sake of XP. Rather do much less than overdo orders! If you find good order take it immediately. Those are just basic examples on how to level up faster early in the game.

Take an every chance to level up!

As you see on the picture I rather do Blue Sweater order than boat order. Let you boat stays there and do Blue Sweater orders.

You can acquire them on the market so easily. Do boat order later on the game when your level is higher, because you get much more XP on higher level. Do some basic farming and plant threes and then cut them: good XP and decent money award.

Make your farm look nice and clean up all the dead trees and bushes. It’s like you get money from your mother when you clean up your room.

Also do some reviewing on the neighbor plants. For one plant you get 7-13 XP points, so do some math (2000 plants=20k XP). That’s a lot!

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