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Most Basic Things About Hay Day Game

hay Day Beginners Guide

Hay Day Beginners Guide

Hello! As i see you are interested to play Hay Day, here is a basic step-by-step tutorial to get your feet wet. Hay Day became very popular online strategy game in very short time. It is, without a question, most popular game right now. This game is updated regularly, which makes this very good game for you!

Hay Day Currencies

Coins: most used currency in the Hay Day game. There is few ways to collect coins:

  • Sales Venues. Such as Delivery Truck or Roadside Shop
  • Farm Visitors. Who are computers who visit you randomly

You can use your collected coins to shop. To but different things what your farm needs. Like animals, building and materials from other players. You can buy materials from the Roadside Shop.

Diamonds: This is the currency which is essential to speed up process. You can’t get this so easily as coins. Diamonds is given to you when you archive something or open lock boxes. There is one more benefit what you can do with diamonds: you can order items instantly.

Vouchers: Vouchers are used to buy extra things in Hay Day like Pets and decors. You can get vouchers from completing orders what you receive from boats and trucks.

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Firstly find an empty field and then tap to that. Then drag you mouse over the fields to plant wheat seeds. Remember that each field can produce two crops. For each single crop you harvest you gain two seeds. To multiply these, sew them few times. Seeds are very important to get progress through game.

Harvesting Fields

After your planted are fully grown crops you can harvest them. You can see Scythe icon appeared above crops, just drag and drop Scythe over the crops and you can collect them.

Farm Animals

Hay Day Farm AnimalsTo get farm animals is easy. You just need to choose animals which are available for purchase, then just buy them and drag them to their building. If animal is not available for purchase jet, then it’s greyed out. Easy as a,b,c.


Hay Day PetsPets are good because you don’t need any housing for them, just place them on the field and they walk around your farm. But sad thing is you can buy them only by Vouchers. Good thing is we have created Voucher generator for you, so you can enjoy all the benefits that Hay Day offers. To speed up process you need to tap “bolt” icon, but this is cost another diamond.

Feeding Animals

You need goods from your animals? So they need to be fed also to give you goods. You need to feed each of your animals individually. How to ensure that your animals never go hungry? Just build Feed Mill. All your farm animals are different so they need different food also. Feed Mill gives you instructions how to do that easily. It indicates which crop material it needs to produce specific foods for animals. There is one thing to remember, all your animals need to feed again after you collect goods from them.

How To Paint Buildings

Just tap to any building you want to paint and move cursor up and down.

Trees and Bushes

Cacao Tree and Raspberry Bush is quite common things in Hay Day. You can use them for different seeds and fruits. You can find them in disposal Tree and Bushes.

Leveling Up

There is many valuable things in leveling up. You can get things such new buildings crops and goods. You get more field patches to make your farm bigger and grow more crops. New level = 3 patches of land. From harvesting later these crops on the patches you get also XP. I recommend following the order board to get fastest leveling up. At least, the early stage of the Hay Day game.

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